Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anchor White Toothpaste TVC – Daant fit toh life hit

All toothpaste ads I can remember have either a dentist telling kids about the importance of strong teeth, a fair n chubby kid complaining of tooth ache, or a distressed mother watching her kids buy ice candy from a street vendor. Breaking through and standing apart from the clutter of these toothpaste ads is the latest TVC of Anchor White Toothpaste.

The TVC shows a young urban newly married woman reading a cook book. She bakes a cake for her hubby and is so happy about it that she starts dancing. It slips off her hand and hits the refrigerator leaving a dent on it and leaves a crack on the floor where it lands. Meanwhile the hubby is home and is already making his way towards the cake. And before she could stop him, he easily bites into the cake much to her astonishment. He even gives her an approving smile!

The hep woman and an average looking husband make for a rather interesting cast. The story is exaggerated and that’s where its appeal lies. The remixed ‘Javaan hai muhabbat, haseen hai samaa’ background score is one you would love to hum (I can’t seem to stop humming it). The makers of the ad have kept away from all things that suggest ‘toothpaste’. Precisely, white coats, clean-shaven dentist dads, salwar or saree clad moms, ugly keetanus and cute children.

The Voice over at the end, ‘Daant fit toh life hit’ is as neat as it can get. Good Ad, without doubt!


  1. Didn't see that Ad yet :-)
    Difference might work out often, atleast for the popularity of an Ad..
    And now a days, an Ad is more like a short lively sequence shown in minimal time..!
    Should be appealing and different :-)
    Well written!

  2. Oh! How stupid I am!! Just skipped the video and read those written below it, and commented that I haven't seen that yet :-)

    hi hi :-D

  3. The poor husband! He can't afford to have bad daant!! lol! I liked this ad too. Good review destiny

  4. Kiran
    I hope you liked the ad :)

    Novice Writer
    Our tastes are somewhat similar, isn't it? Thank you dear :)

  5. Well, I saw the ad many times but it never registered that it was for Anchor toothpaste. The whole ad and BGM is all fine but it lacks on brand registering. Anyway, kudos to the creative team to try a different approach to a toothpaste ad.

  6. Holy Lama
    The first time I watched the ad, the brand didn't register too. But as the ad gets popular (which it is by now, thanks to its frequent airing)people will definitely remember it. But how far it will help the sales, is something only the quality of the product can tell...

    Funny, is it? :p

  7. even i watched it for the first time :D and its indeed funny :D
    ROFLing Add... definately a good add :)

  8. haven't yet seen it but definitely love it.
    was sick of the regular ads. dentists urgh

  9. After a point all toothpaste ads begin to look alike, after all different toothpastes are not too different. This ad has fun in a crazy sort of a way, this will help it to get noticed, but will consumers take Anchor White Toothpaste seriously? I really do not know.

  10. i liked the remix song but which remix is it? i know its a remix of jawaan hai mohabbat but which remix is it?

  11. can someone help who sung this remix song , i know many on this sone remix but not htis one .